Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gone Country

Day One
Weber County Fair
Not too crowded yet, lots of great things to see and eat. Made friends with some of the livestock owners. I promised to not break my claws out and they let me take a picture with their animals. That cow was massive but I'm pretty sure I could bring it down. Too bad I'm vegan this week. 

Also, we've been playing battle of the bands with organ vendor. So far we have yet to top their rendition of "Poker Face."

mmmmm....that feel's ssssooooooooooo good.

Ticket takers will stamp your hand (even with your claws out).

My new friend at Lady Fitness.

If only they had duck in a can.

I stayed on for seven seconds.

She promised me a lamb chop when they were done.

Which is the real cow: options 1...

...or option 2?

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