Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wildcats Pull off a WIN!!

As many of you wildcats know, the WSU football team pulled off a quadruple overtime win over the Colorado State Bears!  I never had a doubt that our boys wouldn't let us down.  Besides giving the wildcats an opportunity to win another awesome game, this game had a special purpose.  The game took place on September 11 so we took the opportunity to honor our troops who are serving overseas and those who have given their lives to protect this great country.  It makes me proud to be an American! and a Wildcat of course!

 Me tailgating before the game.  Nothing says football game like some purple body paint and hot dogs!

 Checking out the hummvee the ROTC brought over.

Go Wildcat Marching Band! They played the fight song perfectly

Stars and Stripes Forever.

Getting ready for the game... Go Wildcats!

Getting ready to help display the flag.  WSU loves the troops!

For more pictures of the game go here

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