Monday, August 23, 2010

Davis Co. Fair: Day 3

Seriously, how can you not have fun at a fair wearing these things?

Had a ton of fun today, lots of fun things to do and fun people around. It's a shame it ends this weekend and we all go back to school next week.

Here are some of the highlights...
I'm on a boat...

I made new friends (still don't know what that brush was for...).


Ohmygoshthatfunnelcakewassoooooo good.

We also played some fun games with people for prizes. Everybody had to pick a different physical challenge to complete for a hat or tshirt.
This girl had to land her shoe on the chair, rightside up.
This guy had to move the poker chip from his forehead to his mouth, with no hands.
This guy had to find out the llama's name.

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