Monday, August 23, 2010

Davis Co. Fair: Day 4

Too much fun, too tired to describe...

Highlights include:

  • Wii archer tournament from table across from ours.
  • Learning how to dunk in Wii basketball.
  • Trying on hats with Rachel.
  • Taunting the tiger (for reals, that's not a metaphor).

The only thing cuter than a wildcat in a WSU bandana. Seriously, these guys were like kryptonite to me. I couldn't say no.

I finally found a shade that goes with my complexion.

Turns out I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders.

I'm not going to say where this cart ended up, but Rachel and I are no longer welcome within Farmington city limits.

This was right before she said "Hey, lets go grab that golf cart." How could I say no to her in that hat?

This guy was a jerk, wouldn't look over at me at all. No matter how many Frosted Flake jokes I threw his way.

I'd like a see a lion come up to campus and try this shot in real life.

Remember that turkey leg from Weber County Fair...? This guy did not want to hear about it.

I loved this guy in Finding Nemo.

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