Monday, October 25, 2010

Are you ready for some Football??

If you missed the football game on Friday night, you sure missed out! The Wildcats won over the Portland State Vikings 44-41. Just when it looked like the Vikings were going to win, the Wildcats scored a touchdown with 21 seconds to go!  Now that's what I call Wildcat football.  

I was there before the game tailgating, as always.  I rocked it on the Rock Band (I stick with the drums or vocals since guitar requires those stupid opposable thumbs), ate some delicious sandwiches with some future Wildcats and met lots of new friends.  Thanks to everyone who came! 

Future Wildcats! 

There's nothing quite like kissing a wildcat

Grrrrrr.  That's what I call fierce.

 Sandwiches with some pretty Wildcat ladies.  

I'm thinking about rocking this look for the next game.  What do you think? Should I dye my mane purple?

I gave these girls my number in case they need a personal campus tour.  

These girls ROCKED IT.  We had an awesome jam sesh.  

For more pics of the tailgate go here

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